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Can I pay by Credit Card?
Yes, if you’re a prepay client, you can pay by credit card to download a report Search for a Company or to request a fresh investigation In case you’re an invoice client, you can also pay by Credit Card to settle your pending invoices, either by using this link if you’re logged in, or this link if you prefer to pay without logging in.
Can I set up a company account with Cedar Rose? Can I order now and pay later?
Subject to approval, if you have a large number of orders, it is possible to set up an invoice account with Cedar Rose. Invoices for KYC Reports, Business Information Reports, Company Profiles and Credit Reports are sent out monthly and for other reports they are sent weekly. Please Contact Us and we will send you our Terms Of Service Agreement to sign, should you wish to open a company account.
Does Cedar Rose offer XML data feeds?
Yes, Cedar Rose is capable of sending and receiving data requests in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format for clients with bulk data requests. For more information, please Contact Us.
Does Cedar Rose offer API?
Yes, Cedar Rose offers various web-services including company search, placing orders, person identity verification, and other web-services. For more information, please Contact Us.
How can I subscribe to Cedar Rose's database?
We are now providing subscribed clients privileged access to our database, CRiS, which is being continually updated with due diligence and credit reporting information and contains linked data on around 2 million companies in the MENA region and millions of individuals – the largest, most accurate and comprehensive of its kind. Contact Us to ask about an annual subscription to CRiS.
My search found no entries, what should I do?
Try searching using just one word (the most unusual) from the company name, without any punctuation. If you still do not find the company in our database, please request a fresh investigation or Contact Us and we can carry out an investigation for you, according to your requirements.
Can I obtain Copies of Official Company Documents?
In some of the countries we cover, it is legally possible to obtain Copies of Official Certificates and Copies of Original Corporate Records. In many cases, our local operatives can extract the data from original corporate records (even if we are unable to obtain original copies) and supply this in a Corporate Records Report, in the English language.
Can I check if my client or potential client has Unpaid Debts or Court Judgments against them?
A Debt Collection Database Search is currently available only for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and GCC countries. In other countries, we can carry out a Court Records Search. In Lebanon, we can also provide a Civil Litigation & Bankruptcy Check or a Criminal, Civil Litigation & Bankruptcy Check on a Company/Entity or Individual which will include unpaid debts as well as bankruptcies, asset seizures, public auctions and civil litigation cases.
Can I check if an individual has a Criminal history?
In many countries, Cedar Rose can carry out a Court Records Search. For full details for a particular country, please Contact Us.
Can I request a one-off Global Compliance Check on an individual or a company with Cedar Rose?
For searches against international crime watch lists, association with sanctions lists, convictions, criminal records, liens, felonies, fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, alleged terrorism, violent and sexual crimes from sources such as the UN, Interpol, Bank of England, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) etc, Cedar Rose can conduct a Global Compliance Check . According to your country of residence, this report can be invaluable in ensuring you comply with trading laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (USA) and the Bribery Act 2010 (UK), amongst others.
How can I check that a potential client or business partner does not have any links to terrorist organizations or sanctioned governments?
Whilst a Global Compliance Check will check official international lists for this information, Cedar Rose' multilingual and experienced researchers can dig deeper, with a Due Diligence Report on a Company / Business Entity or an Individual. For even greater peace of mind, we can also conduct a Site Visit and provide digital photographs of the alleged premises. The Site Visit and Due Diligence Report can be combined in a Due Diligence with Discreet Site Visit Report. If you would like us to go several steps further, as some large companies and government-owned entities have commissioned us to do to ensure they are trading entirely ethically, we can conduct a Due Diligence Comprehensive Report (to 3 levels of shareholding). This will involve not only conducting a thorough due diligence investigation of the company, carrying out a site visit and providing digital photographs of the alleged premises, but also goes back as far as three levels of shareholding to uncover the identity/ies of the ultimate beneficiary/ies or controller/s of the subject entity investigated. Additionally, the report identifies any related companies and affiliates through shareholding/directorships or management by the principals of the subject company or those companies that share the same particulars of address as the subject.
How could I check the local and public reputation of my potential business partner, client or employee?
The multilingual researchers at Cedar Rose can carry out Local Reputational Due Diligence on an individual or business entity. We can also conduct a Full Internet Media Search of internet portals, search engines and newspapers/periodicals to reveal red flag and adverse information in the local native language(s), translated into English.
Can I find out if a person has links to Political organizations?
Yes. Cedar Rose researchers can carry out PEP Screening to disclose whether the subject is politically exposed or linked to close family members that are politically exposed themselves. PEP Screening is conducted via the largest PEP database in the world containing over 1.1 million profiles of PEPs, with over 25,000 individuals added each month. At Cedar Rose we have a unique in-house translation and transliteration dictionary of Arabic to English/French names, which we will use to ensure that all possible translations of the subject's name are searched.
Can I find out who owns a Company in the Middle East or North Africa?
Yes, a Business Information report will contain this information which will be extracted from Cedar Rose database that contains over one million companies sourced from official sources records in the jurisdiction where a company is incorporated. But, for the most up-to-date information from the Commercial Register, you will need to order a Corporate Records Report, which will be extracted from Cedar Rose database that contains any amendments filed with the register regarding change of registered name, address, capital, ownership and directorship of the target company.
How can I find out if an individual/company owns or is linked to companies in the Middle East or North Africa?
We can provide a Directorship and Shareholding Report on a company or on an individual which will unveil direct relationships with other companies, that the subject is a shareholder or a director of. In the majority of the countries we cover and particularly the MENA region, there are no official public records sources to check and obtain the above information from, as such information is not electronically compiled nor it is centralized in most of the countries covered. The data will be searched for through Cedar Rose electronic database compiled since 1997 and containing data on over one million companies in the region. This search might not be 100 percent accurate or comprehensive, but this is the only search available of its type for the region.
Can Cedar Rose assist with Background-Screening of employees from the MENA region?
Yes, Cedar Rose has many options for background screening of potential employees, including Education and Employment History Verification and a combined report. For more high profile positions, we can also carry out Pre-Employment Screening to include verifying the identity of the individual, establishing their employment history and in many countries (where available), checking court records and criminal records. For Pre-Employment Check with Local Language Adverse Media Screening, we also include a local language adverse media search, providing the links to any negative media reports. Our Background Screening services may seem expensive and slow compared to those provided in other countries. This is due to the nature of the MENA region and the poor infrastructure in many countries, locating and contacting previous schools, universities, employers and government departments can be difficult and very time consuming. Sourcing historical records can often involve manual searches through paper files; which again can take a lot of time, patience and effort.
What if I haven't found the report I need in your solutions list?
We have tried to accommodate all types of information requests in our solutions, catering to various budgets and risk exposures. However, if you do not find what you are looking for in our Products list, or do not have the time to browse, please Contact Us. Our Client Services team will be pleased to advise you as to what is available in which country and at what price. We can tailor a report to your particular requirements and agree a budget with you before proceeding.
Why should I provide information to Cedar Rose researchers or add my company to your database?
If you have a company in the Middle East or North Africa, particularly if you import goods to your country, it is important that exporters and the insurance companies that underwrite their credit facilities to you can obtain clear information about your company. Having your company profile in the Cedar Rose database will show that your company is legally trading and has nothing to hide. The more information we have, the clearer picture we can provide to our clients, many of whom are export credit insurance agencies or exporting companies. With this clarity, insurers will be more inclined to underwrite the credit risk, giving you time to pay for the goods you import and saving your supplier money on his policy costs. Helping suppliers to keep their costs down will also help them to keep their prices of exported goods down, which will benefit you. It is also most relevant to have your company information available in order for your supplier to be compliant with local and international law, as many compliance laws and acts require businesses to know who their clients are, to have a clear idea of the identity of the companies they deal with and to know who is behind the entities they are exporting to. If an insurance company is unable to obtain information on your company, they will receive a "No Trace" report and will decline to provide your suppliers with export credit insurance. If there is only scant information available on your company, the insurance company may charge the exporters a very high premium to mitigate the risk and this extra cost will be passed on to you. With a complete clear picture of who you are and what you do, your supplier will be able to easily obtain export credit insurance and/or will be confident to provide you with suitable credit terms, allowing you time to pay for the goods you purchase.
How can I add my company to the Cedar Rose database?
Please Contact Us and we will send you a form to complete. Once the information you provide is checked and verified with official sources, your company will be added straight away.