Mission and Vision Statements of Cedar Rose: Guest Post
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Mission and Vision Statements of Cedar Rose: Guest Post

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Cedar Rose has been offering business intelligence services for over two decades now. Antoun Massaad (CEO) and Christina Massaad (Managing Director) started from working in a tiny office in the UK, moved their business to Lebanon and then Cyprus. We all enjoyed listening to them while they tell us the story of how they got here, not giving up and overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles on their way. This was only the beginning of something that is getting greater and greater and now as we reflect we can see the experiences of Cedar Rose`s small beginnings reflected in the company`s Mission Statements.

From sending the reports by post to being a technologically advanced company that can provide an impressively informative report with a simple click – Cedar Rose has come a long way.
It`s important to see where we stand today. If 20 years ago you told someone that we would be able to identify millions of individuals instantly or provide a Company Credit Report within 24hours in such a difficult region as the MENA – most probably they would think you are out of your mind. However, here we are today. Reflected in our mission statements is what we do and so much more. Not only we do it, but we put effort in doing it in the best possible way. Our mission is not just to provide information services, but to provide quality services, in an ethical and compliant way. This is why customers from all around the globe choose Cedar Rose as their business information provider. We have something unique to offer and our reputation speaks for itself. Each department has an amazing team behind it and all of them together create what we call today the Cedar Rose family. The main purpose at the core of all our mission statements is to stay true to our motto: “Strive for excellenceâ€?, to evolve further and become better year after year.
  This is where our company`s vision can become alive – to be the best of the best at what we do – to remain leaders of our industry, by investing in continuously developing our technology and the company`s most precious assets, its employees. It`s essential for us that we keep evolving, making our greatest efforts to constantly deliver with excellence. Keep up the hard work! Keep involved with Cedar Rose`s progress by following our frequently published articles at the newsroom, you don`t want to miss out. Written by Penelope Sophocleous
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