Our Database is Growing – 90% Coverage in Saudi Arabia
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Our Database is Growing – 90% Coverage in Saudi Arabia

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Cedar Rose has been providing credit reports specializing in the MENA region, since 1997, helping other companies make intelligent decisions.


Collecting, translating and transliterating information on companies for over 20 years has not been an easy task.

At present, our Data Quality and IT teams have been working hard to ensure that our database is growing, using artificial intelligence algorithms to clear duplicates and offer our clients the best possible results when searching for companies.

Our most recent achievement was reaching over 3.4 million company records – a number that is constantly growing and you can now find this number live on the home page of our website.


Company records coverage in Saudi Arabia has reached over 90%, with the remaining percentage outside of our coverage being companies that mainly offer consulting/accounting services.

  Another 10,000 company records were also recently added to the database on Free Zone Companies in the United Arab Emirates, where corporate information is very limited and hard to trace. We already have the largest database in the region that continues to grow, but our goal is to have the most comprehensive one, in both English and native languages with companies, affiliates, directors and shareholders linked to each other.

If you are dealing with clients in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or the MENA region in general, Cedar Rose has you covered. You can search on our website for any company name in the region, view what information is available on it and either choose to download a report or contract one of our researchers to carry out a fresh investigation, trace the company and provide you with a report according to the speed of service you select.


Alternatively, you may choose to subscribe to our continuously growing database – CRiS and have access to over 3.4 million company records.


For more information on how to gain access to our website or subscribe to CRiS please contact our Client Relationship Executive, Hannah King or our Client Services Team Leader, Nicole Konstantinou, who would be delighted to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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