Withstanding the heat...
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Withstanding the heat...

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This is also the case every year in Lebanon where diesel generators pump out fumes in every town and chaotic wires thread like spaghetti overhead because the national grid cannot meet consumption. The same article reported that the city`s generators in Baghdad have been catching fire due to the temperatures, and that people were having to spend entire days at swimming baths just to stay cool. Incidents like these are sharp reminders of the mixed picture the region still presents when it comes to infrastructure.
On one hand there are the magnificent edifices of the Gulf and the many well-maintained historic and tourist sites scattered all the way from the Atlantic to the Arabian Sea. On the other are the many other areas, both rural and urban, in which people are still not reliably able to benefit from utilities and technologies long since taken for granted elsewhere. This is a cyclical problem; the better the infrastructure, the easier it is to produce and maintain those things that create greater prosperity. The worse the infrastructure is, the harder it is for people to get the ball rolling. A scenario only too familiar in Africa too. When we founded our company back in 1997, we were trying to get the MENA region`s Business Intelligence services ball rolling. At the time, finding out who you were dealing with or whether they were reputable wasn`t easy – and that was a serious impediment to people trying to run an honest business. Nowadays, with the work of our company and many others, some of those problems have been solved and it`s getting easier and easier to minimise these kinds of risks. There are many areas of business and of life in which a similar effort is required, and with hard work, good planning and good fortune there is nobody that cannot make a meaningful contribution. But, as the difficult circumstances with the electricity network in Baghdad show, there is still a long way to go. It has been very encouraging in recent years to see the growth in the number of tech start-ups and other private enterprises popping up across the region, and the significant investments we have seen in renewable energy are also very welcome. These are all steps in the right direction. So, as we head into the very height of summer, why not take this opportunity to consider what else we can do to cast a little more light, and a little less heat, across this most promising of regions. To find out more about what we can do for you, visit our website at www.cedar-rose.comand see for yourself the range of business intelligence services that we have made available for the entire MENA region.

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