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Bankruptcy Check

Bankruptcy Checks in MENA

Bankruptcy Checks in MENA

A Useful Compliance Tool for MENA Entities

Bankruptcy Checks are not available in all MENA countries, but where they are available, we can conduct them for you.

Our searches are conducted in local languages to obtain and reveal the information as announced in the official gazette publications. In cases where the subject was found to have been declared bankrupt, we will provide (in the English language) the Name/Company Name, Address, Company Register number, date of declaration of bankruptcy, place as well as the name of the court of the first instance where bankruptcy was declared and/or the number and date of the official publication where the bankruptcy was declared.

NB: In order to conduct this search on a company, the full business entity / company name must be provided along with their commercial register number and city of registration (city/town of incorporation).

Go to our Order Form to place your order for a Bankruptcy Check on a company or a person.

Please contact us for more information on any of our due diligence services, or to obtain a quotation.

See also: Civil Litigation and Bankruptcy Checks and/or Civil, Criminal Litigation and Bankruptcy Checks for a more in-depth investigation.

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