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Having connections to political parties or politically exposed persons (PEP)s can often be a barrier to trade, or put the associated companies at risk of links to corrupt practices or biased procedures. The same risk can be associated with State Owned Enterprises (SOE)s. Cedar Rose can help you avoid the risk of trading with politically exposed companies with our Political Associations & Connections Screening on your chosen company or companies. Outsource your compliance checks to us for more accurate results.

Uncover political associations a standard compliance database check could easily miss.

These checks go beyond the usual database checks. Our experienced and multilingual researchers are skilled at knowing how to check a multitude of sources for different name translations and transliterations that monolingual speakers may miss. This is especially prevalent when names are translated from different scripts such as Greek or Arabic into Romanised characters. Save money with one-off thorough checks, rather than subscribing to expensive databases which may be of limited use to your compliance team.

Trust Cedar Rose’s business intelligence to help you avoid exposing your company to political risk.

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