Not all business intelligence providers can offer you real ‘boots on the ground’, but Cedar Rose can.


There are times when you need absolute proof that a company exists or doesn’t exist at the premises where they claim to operate from. Cedar Rose has experienced investigators in several countries who can conduct site visits and either discreetly take photographs of a location for evidence of a company’s trading activity, or - with the company’s permission and a release form - can enter the premises, make notes of observations and take photographs on site.

When you need undisputable evidence of a company’s physical presence, or lack thereof.

Cedar Rose’s site visits reports can help to identify the size of a company, the physical location of a company or highlight whether the company is a shell company operating through a third party premises or a mailing address. Our findings would then be delivered in a full report containing digital photographs if required – and if legal to take and provide - within a pre-determined timeframe.