Cedar Roses research teams leave no stone unturned to ensure your business is safe and secure.


When you are recruiting staff into highly responsible positions within your organisation, you want to know that they have told you the absolute truth about their past employment and education history. We all know that online profiles can easily be corrupted – a simple social media search will not be enough to give you real peace of mind. Previous roles can easily be missed off from CVs where the reason for leaving was not a good one and qualifications, even genuine looking qualification certificates, can easily be faked and falsified.

Discover the truth about prospective employees – including facts missing from their job application.

Cedar Rose’s multilingual and experienced research team will conduct discreet enquiries to piece together a complete education and employment history verification of your candidate – even where that crosses multiple borders. In addition, this investigation includes verification of identity information; criminal checks and court record checks where these are available and a full adverse media scan in multiple languages.