Trust Cedar Rose’s multilingual research team to disclose the data you need to make confident decisions.


The frequency, availability, language and content of published legal announcements and gazettes varies widely from country to country. Our experienced researchers will scan those publications, highlight and translate all legal announcements such as (but not limited to) insolvencies, honours, royal proclamations, new regulations, acts, changes of names, company registrations and de-registrations, financial statements, land restitution notices, liquor licence applications and transport permits.

A comprehensive search in local languages, with relevant announcements translated into English.

Board and legal notices can also be published in Gazettes covering insolvencies, liquidation and estate notices for example. This search provides and important part of the picture when conducting any type of due diligence on a company, and in most cases, these legal announcements and gazettes are only available in the local languages, sometimes only in PDF format. We will extract the relevant ones, according to the subject company, into a readable format in English.