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Electronic Identity Verification

EliVator - The first Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) Service for MENA and Russia
Credit Reports for Arab Countries

EliVator provides access via API to instant and accurate identity verification data on individuals and companies in developing countries and parts of the globe where information has traditionally and previously been difficult to access.

Cedar Rose has been compiling information on companies and individuals in the Middle East, North Africa and surrounding countries for over 20 years. We believe our database is the largest, most comprehensive, accurate and useful of its kind.

Through our own database and those of our fully compliant partners in some instances we are able to provide access to data via API for real time identity verification of over 125 million individuals in the Middle East, Africa, Russian Federation and some Eastern European countries – including 100% of the adult population in some cases – verifiable by full name and/or unique identifier such as date of birth or national identity number.

EliVator enables instant KYC checks when time is of the essence, leading to faster on-boarding of new clients and opening up new markets which had previously been uncheckable.

Please contact us for more information on our EliVator services via API or case by case.