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2020 Dubai Expo: Everything we Know #expo2020
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

2020 Dubai Expo: Everything we Know #expo2020

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Update on 18th May 2020: Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the Dubai 2020 Expo has been postponed until 2021. Follow Cedar Rose on LinkedIn to stay updated.

The Dubai expo 2020 has been much anticipated and finally we are closing in on the start date.  Global expo's hold great significance and have done ever since the first exposition in London, 1851. Some famous past expo's that have revolutionised the world are: 

  • Philadelphia, 1876, which released the typewriter
  • Paris, 1900, which unravelled the diesel engine 
  • New York, 1964, displayed the first ever colour TV

Now, in 2020, what are we to expect? 
Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates has, in itself, undergone major transformations in recent decades, become one of the most developed and modernised societies of the 21stcentury. Which begs the question, what is next to come? This event will run for 173 days, continuously, with 190 countries participating. Furthermore, the #dubai2020 expo will attract millions of visitors from all corners of the globe, indulging in idea collaborations and showcasing innovations. 

What to Expect?

The Dubai 2020 expo features around a core ethos of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and develops around three core themes.

Opportunity             :                 Mobility                  :              Sustainability

As Dubai prepares to take the centre stage for the world, the country envisages an expo in which members from all countries can utilise the knowledge gained and implement innovations collectively for a better tomorrow. A focus on eco-friendly, sustainability and clean renewable energies has been at the forefront of development in recent years, especially due to a rise in global issues. So let's delve into these core themes and understand Dubai's vision. 


This concept focuses on the ability of the individual to shape the future for the masses, we all have the power to shape our futures and this 2020 expo will portray how we can unlock these potentials. From supporting solutions to social problems, such as eliminating poverty and providing clean water for all, to introducing visitors to new ideas and inspire them to act upon them. The opportunity pavilion, made from organic materials, such as stone and rope, sets to plant the ideas into individuals to develop into potentials for all to utilise. It is amazing what one can do when given the opportunity, unlocking new path ways and providing platforms that may revolutionise the way the world works. 


Keeping in theme with unlocking new potentials, this expo will enable smarter movement of knowledge, ideas and goods. Dubai will show how this has helped explore new frontiers and how humanity is making greater leaps than ever before through digital connectivity. Humanity has gone from ancient exploration to artificial intelligence. Now in a world brimming with data, we can understand newer forms of mobility in different lights. 


Potentially the overriding theme of the whole event, sustainability is a much deliberated topic of the 21stcentury. So, how is the Dubai 2020 expo going to tackle this? The expo will embrace alternative sources of food, water and clean and renewable energy, inspiring humanity to preserve the planet. Living in balance with the world we inhabit has never been more crucial as our societies grow. Over consumption and a variety of other issues are pushing us to explore alternative and sustainable means. The main topics that will be addressed at the expo are: generating clean energy, reducing water consumption, promoting natural solutions, minimalizing our carbon footprint, using sustainable building materials, reducing waste and, importantly, improving the overall awareness for sustainability. 

Counting Down 

There is a lot to look forward to from the Dubai 2020 expo and it will be an event that you are not going to want to miss. However, being the first time in history that this expo is being held in the region, it may seem daunting for some to travel to. The Middle East is an incredible region and a prosperous one at that. If you don't have experience within this region then now is the time. It is important to seek out business intelligence to make sure you mitigate risks that may come your way. Cedar Rose, an experienced business intelligence agency, can help you with this. With the largest Middle East and North Africa (MENA) database, whether you are searching for information on companies or individuals, Cedar Rose may have your answer. From credit reports to more in-depth and detailed investigative due diligence reports, Cedar Rose aims to help others alleviate risk and provides a platform of opportunities to do so. Contact us today to start your journey within the Middle East.

Sourced Image: Dubai Expo 
Date of original article: 4th May, 2019 

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