Get lifetime discounts on company credit reports and due diligence investigations nowSee Discounts

The What?

Free lifetime discounts and free downloads. It is quite simple, Cedar Rose is willing to offer our clients discounts on all reports and investigations forever, plus free database report downloads.

The How?

All you have to do is credit your account with one of the amounts below in your chosen currency to receive all of these benefits. The higher you credit your account, the better benefits you will receive.

The Why?

We want to provide our clients with a cost-effective solution to mitigate their risks. Cedar Rose packages provide an efficient solution for businesses of all sizes to help control their compliance spending.

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Lifetime Discounts

Cedar Rose offers lifetime discounts when you credit your account with one of our packages below. These discounts can be used on every transaction, whether you are downloading reports or when you order fresh investigations, you will receive a discount that parallels the business intelligence package chosen. As long as your account has credit, you will receive a discount.

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Free Downloads

With a business intelligence package, you will receive up to 1000 free downloads, depending on your chosen package. These downloads allow you to choose a report on any company we have in our database to be downloaded instantly. Save yourself time and money with one of our highly efficient Cedar Rose business intelligence discount packages.

See our packages below and find the right one for you!

  • Credit your account: €500
  • Order any report
  • Plus 10 free downloads
  • Credit your account: €1,000
  • Enjoy a 4% discount
  • Plus 25 free downloads
  • Credit your account: €5,000
  • Enjoy a 6% discount
  • Plus 150 free downloads
  • Credit your account: €10,000
  • Enjoy a 9% discount
  • Plus 350 free downloads
  • Credit your account: €30,000
  • Enjoy a 10% discount
  • Plus 1000 free downloads
b e n e f i t s
  1. Cashflow Management
  2. Lifetime Discounts
  3. Free Credit Reports
  4. High Quality Research
  5. Extensive Coverage
  6. Instant Downloads
  7. Discounted Due Diligence
  8. No Expiry Date
  9. Easy to Top-Up
  10. Complete Compliance

How will I know how much I've spent?


Remaining balances can be seen on the Welcome (top) toolbar when logged in. We will also email you monthly statements.

What reports do the discounts apply to?


Discounts apply to any type of report purchased via this website in any country and at any delivery speed.

Will my package expire?


Once a package is purchased it will not expire and can be used to buy any type of report.

What if I want a refund?


Funds can be refunded on request (subject to deduction of bank charges only) or topped up at any time.

What reports can I buy with each package?


Packages can be used to view database reports on companies or to request any fresh investigations whether for credit reporting, due diligence or director and shareholder checks.

I don't have access to the company credit card, how can I buy a package?


Payments for packages can be made by credit card on the links above or by contacting to arrange a proforma invoice and bank transfer.

If I buy an Intelligence package and top up with a Prime, can I keep the discount?


As long as the account remains in credit, the discount for the highest package ever purchased by a client will be applied to all their future orders, even if they top up by smaller amounts. Of course, we reserve the right to change our prices but your discount will remain whilst your account has a positive balance.