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Corporate Record Report in

Corporate Record Reports

Corporate Record Reports for MENA

The Next Best Thing when Copying of Commercial Records is Not Permitted

It is not always possible to obtain Copies of Original Corporate Records from the commercial authorities in the MENA region, but where these are publically available we can obtain them for you.

Where it is not legal to copy this information, we can produce a report for you containing all the information that is included in the Corporate Records of a company on the day the records are inspected by our local researchers. Whilst the records are mainly held in Arabic, the report will be provided in English with the company and shareholders names also provided in the local script as held at the Register.

Go to our Order Form to place your order for Corporate Record Report, remembering to include the Commercial Registration number in the Additional Info section to ensure the correct company is identified.

Please contact us for more information on any of our due diligence services, or to obtain a quotation.

See also: Copies of Original Corporate Records available in several MENA countries where original copies are not publicly available and Copies of Financial Statements or Annual Returns. You may also find our Company Registration Report will suffice if you don’t need the latest available data.

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