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Directorship & Shareholding Report

Directorship & Shareholding Report

Directorship and Shareholding for MENA

The Largest Database of Directorship and Shareholding Information for MENA

In the Middle East and Africa, directorship and shareholding information is not easily searchable – the information is not always electronically compiled or centralised and is often only available in the native language eg; Arabic.

Based on the information access level which is publically available from the commercial authorities (if any) during the time the search is conducted - as this is subject to change in some countries – this search relies on data which has been collated, translated, transliterated, cleaned, de-duplicated and analysed by advanced processes and technology as well as expert multi-lingual analysts in-house at Cedar Rose. Our database contains information on around 2 million companies and millions of individuals including many company owners and shareholders. The data is analytically linked matching people to companies and vice versa.

Though this service may not be 100 per cent comprehensive (ie; not every link may be traced), we believe it to be the most accurate search currently available for the MENA region.

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See also: Due Diligence Comprehensive Report (up to 3 Levels of Shareholding) available in several other countries.

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