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The Enhanced Due Diligence Investigation is a thorough and meticulous analysis of your trading partner, investment prospect, customer or supplier. Cedar Rose’s investigative research team will use their local language skills and years of analytical experience to compile a report which looks at all published information on the entity in question, includes privileged information available through subscriptions to multiple compliance databases as well as speaking to local peers to identify any known or suspected derogatory connections. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your prospect’s reputation is squeaky clean.

A combination of open source and human intelligence gives you a clear picture of a company’s network.

With extensive time spent conducting both open source intelligence (OSINT) research and human intelligence (HUMINT), you can expect to receive a comprehensive report containing translated corporate information, PEP and sanctions checks, financial data, media publications, full background analysis of the company and directors as well as the business network, copies of original registration documents and source comments from at least four informal sources.

Trust Cedar Rose to provide exceptional insights and informative analysis, compliantly and legally.

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Automated AML Compliance

Our AML solutions now come with real-time data intelligence which will identify the risks of doing business with new and existing clients. We match senders & beneficiaries against the world’s only real-time sanctions risk database.