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Established in 1997, Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd has been leading the field for credit reporting, business intelligence and investigative due diligence for the Middle East and North Africa. Since 2016, we have been expanding to offer a trusted global service for business information and data, delivered using the latest technology. Putting our clients at the forefront of every decision we make, we offer a first class, bespoke and highly flexible service with access to the world’s largest database of business information for the MENA region. Whether you need credit analysis, compliance, AML or KYC solutions, Cedar Rose gives you the facts and figures to make confident business decisions.

Meet the founders
antoun massaad
Antoun Massaad
Chief Executive Officer
christina massaad
Christina Massaad
Managing Director

Our team is led by Antoun Massaad, a Lebanese-British multilingual national and his wife Christina. Their vision was to bring MENA credit data online in one place, searchable in Arabic and English for more accurate results - as many of the registries store the data only in Arabic. The reason behind this goal was so that companies around the world could trade securely with companies in the Arab world, as they do in Europe, the UK or USA – with good data visibility and accessibility. More business means more jobs, greater stability, less migration and more peace in countries which had been lagging behind in terms of data accessibility.

Meet the teams
Cyprus Team

Our company’s headquarters has been based in Limassol, Cyprus since 2007. The Cyprus Cedar Rose team (or the Rosarians as we are called) are all customer service professionals whether in Order Processing, Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Due Diligence or Technology. We will make sure your emails and telephone calls are responded to promptly, your orders are processed on time, payments are made promptly and the service you receive exceeds your expectations. Between us we speak English, Arabic, Greek and French.

Lebanon Team

Our company motto is “Strive for Excellence” and we really take this to heart. Whether we are translating data, delivering reports, answering quotation requests or enhancing our technology, we always give our best. Beirut, Lebanon is home to our Cedarians – a team of highly qualified and multilingual researchers, finance and credit analysts, data strategists, data quality experts, translators, software and technology specialists. Our local knowledge, first-hand experience and boots on the ground are what give us the edge.

Since beginning to use Cedar Rose, our company has gained invaluable insights into corporate structures in jurisdictions that were previously closed to our researchers. Cedar Rose’s data access and credit reports are of superior quality and their breadth remains unparalleled, particularly in their ability to build credit profiles in the Middle East, and North Africa region. They also offer excellent customer service in assisting their clientele, and have developed a superior user interface, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. We have been exceptionally satisfied with Cedar Rose’s services and would be pleased to expand our partnership and database usage.
Data Team


We would like to express our thanks to you and the pleasure we have had in collaborating with your Company for more than 5 years. Indeed, thank you for your professionalism and availability as well as the attention that you bring to meet all our requirements.

Responsable Service Export,

Intersud Services

I have worked with Cedar Rose for more than 5 years. The range of projects has covered almost every possible due diligence requirement, from the most basic document verification to some of the most challenging individual profiles. Cedar Rose has always performed to the highest standards of expertise.
Charles Kestenbaum

President at B&K International,


I have known and worked with the Cedar Rose team since about 1999-2000 and have found that their resources and information reflected in their due diligence reports to be top notch and accurate. My confidence in Cedar Rose and their products has allowed me to grow my business and expand the scope of services to my clients on a global scale and in particular, in areas of the world where data is difficult, if not almost impossible to collect. I truly value my on-going relationships with Antoun, Christina and the Cedar Rose Team.
Galen R. Clements

President, Clements Global Services LLC,


Cedar Rose is one of our main suppliers of credit information in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean. We are highly satisfied with the quality of reports as well as delivery speed. The reports are always provided on time as requested. Professional and determined to provide the highest quality of customer service we confidently recommend them as a solid reliable partner
Zaven Nersisyan

ABB Management Services Ltd,


In my view if you need information on the MENA region then there is only one place to go: Cedar Rose. The information is excellent considering the difficulties in getting the data and the service from the staff is very professional
Laurie Beagle

Forums International

Have used Cedar Rose's credit reporting services and have received exceptional response times and quality of the information within the reports. Great job from the Team at Cedar Rose, KEEP IT UP!


I am proud of my association with Cedar Rose. I hope to continue our cooperation and expand it in the years to come. Cedar Rose is so professionally managed as to be remarkable considering the tasks they are handed and the challenging environment, which the region imposes. Thank you Cedar Rose, as your work has greatly facilitated many new business deals and expansion into new regional markets for my clients.
Charles Kestenbaum

President at B&K International


Cedar Rose is one of the station to obtain all kind of relevant corporate information even by staying in ethics and public regulations, much appreciate for your help !!



Thank you for the excellent service - Cedar Rose. I can openly say: 'You really go the extra mile for your clients.
The firm has never failed to deliver what was promised. On time. On budget. Cedar Rose leadership is visionary. They have created a unique organization that is at the same time reliable while also being exceptionally flexible in adapting to the widely varied requirements we have imposed. The integrity of Cedar Rose reports is of the highest order. The firm has shown an admirable capability to adapt the reporting to fit the needs of our clients. Of special note is the expansion of Cedar Rose investigations into the field we refer to as human intelligence – going beyond the data and document search to interpretation of the information collected. This is especially difficult, but essential to the needs of our clients.
Charles Kestenbaum

President at B&K International


Strive for Excellence
Our Mission

We provide excellent quality, reliable and innovative Business Intelligence services that promote ethical, compliant and secure global trade.

Our Vision

To be the premier source of Business Intelligence worldwide through continuous innovation and development of talent and technology.

Our Awards
CCR Interactive – Export & International Credit Excellence
European Business Awards – Digital Technology National Winners
European Business Awards – Ones to Watch
Credit Strategy - Commercial Credit Information Provider of the Year
European Business Awards – Digital Technology National Winners
European Business Awards – Ones to Watch
CCR Interactive – Export & International Credit Excellence
CCR Interactive – Export & International Credit Excellence
Finalists in the Contribution to the CCRi Credit Industry Credit Excellence Award
Growing Business of the Year Basildon Business Award Winners
E-Business Basildon Business Award Winners
E-Business Basildon Business Award Winners
Technology English Partnerships Countywide Millennium Business Award
Shell Livewire Young Business Start Up Awards Merit
Our Corporate Partners
forums international

Forums International Ltd is a leading provider of credit professional forums and focus groups. They have over 20 year’s experience of delivering forums and events and have established an enviable reputation throughout the credit profession. Forums International Ltd currently operate 10 credit professional forums across and within a variety of industries.


AICDP was formed in 2014 in response to the fact that our Profession was becoming more internationalised and that the professional institutions and groups that already existed in support of our senior professionals had not evolved sufficiently in relation to this change as their focus was national.