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What is Identity Verification?

Governments, private and public companies are increasingly using eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification), also known as KYC (Know Your Customer) to instantly confirm identity whenever anyone accesses a service online. This risk management solution is commonly used by banks, financial institutions, services companies, payment processors, e-wallets and e-commerce solution providers. However, its wide reach has come to also include recruitment and other non-finance related commercial environments.

Global eIDV/KYC

We cover over 169 countries through multiple sources with various data points within each.


Flexible configuration will match any client's requirements and preferences.


Receive instant and accurate results with match/partial match and no match identity confirmation.

What is the Ultimate Source of the Identity Data?

The sources of information and identity data availability may vary depending on your desired country. Cedar Rose has been compiling data for over 29 years from the toughest of regions. We also have access to multiple data sources that are public and commercial but always ethically sourced and compliant with the Data requirements of each individual country to ensure your searches are both accurte and legally compliant.

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CR IDentify

Creating trust between you, your clients, and your regulators.

In a world where trust is a scarce commodity, few things are more valuable than fostering a climate of genuine privacy and safety online. CR IDentify provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to avoid the many dangers of regulatory non-compliance and gives you the priceless benefits of automated identity verification.

Traditional KYC compliance checks require the manual processing of ID and paperwork, increasing the probability of human error and prolonging the process unnecessarily. Electronic methods, on the other hand, eliminate the possibility of human error while increasing efficiency, benefiting both the company and its clients.

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Verify the identities of individuals in 169 countries

CR IDentify provides industry-leading coverage with high match rates designed to give businesses an instant global reach with a flexible approach to identity verification that will comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

With CR IDentify you can use a 1x1 or 2x2 cascade source search or choose the specific source you would like to run your check against. Your results will be available in seconds through our API integration.

Validate against reliable data sources such as:

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Your One-Stop Identity Verification Resource

The global coverage that Cedar Rose offers through CR IDentify is comprehensive, multi-source and flexible as it can be searched in different ways using various personal identification points ranging from name, date of birth, mobile number, address and so on. We offer cover even in hard to access areas of the world.

CR IDentify is ideal for use by multiple business types ranging from the likes of financial and investment houses, the banking sector, legal firms and other business sectors and can be used for multiple functions such as onboarding, customer verification, recruitment, payment solutions, AML and KYC compliance procedures whilst at the same time help guard against identity theft.


Be sure the person you are talking to is really who they say they are.

Immediate Response

Verification results are delivered in milliseconds.

Flexible Configuration

CR IDentify is configured to suit different requirements.

Live Identity Data

Information is refreshed on a regular basis.

Best In-Country Sources

CR IDentify has access to the best in-country sources.

Try Before You Buy

Our sales team can work with you to help achieve high match rates.

CR IDentify Transcends Borders

Identity verification is an essential process that ensures a person’s identity matches someone who he/she says they are. This is essential especially within our increasing online environment, where identity theft is a common phenomenon.

eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification) is an essential requirement in most processes and procedures, both online and offline.

In banking, where such verification is known as KYC (Know Your Customer) it is used for financial transactions of any kind including online sales and purchases. It is also used in the telecommunications and insurance industries for the procurement of products and services.

It is a critical part of all apps and platforms where it forms part of the log-in process and is used by governments to help provide secure services such as the issuance and renewal of electronic certificates, ID documents, electronic government credentials or medical applications and procedures related to health or drug prescriptions.

Identity verification helps guard against false identities, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing while facilitating services and electronic transactions online.

With our global cover, Cedar Rose is the partner you need, whatever your business.

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Identity Verification Process


Connect your system directly to ours, accessing data on 169 countries with high population coverage via our flexible API


Verification data such as the person’s name, ID number and address, mobile number, depending on the country or chosen source.


The inputted data is then instantly checked across our global database.


Results are checked and instantly returned with either a full, or partial match, depending on the data points verified, or a no match, where the result has not been verified.

CR IDentify is The Perfect Business Tool for Accurate eIDV and KYC

Personalised for Your Needs

CR IDentify is configured to match any client’s preferences. We offer multiple sources per country and numerous data points that can be set as critical criteria for your queries. You as the client are in complete control of your eIDV and KYC requirements.

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Interested in learning how CR IDentify is the solution that can help you maintain the highest level of regulatory compliance? Gain the benefits of state of the art global identity verification, prevent fraud and foster secure and global growth for your business. Let’s chat.

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