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What is individual identity verification?

Building basic trust in business relationships is crucial. The starting point is verifying the authenticity and identity of an individual – whether they are a new customer, partner, supplier, or potential employee. Put simply, are they who they say they are?

Traditional processes for verifying identity can be slow, unreliable and depend on information from disparate sources, often meaning extensive paperwork. There is an increasing need to access online ID verification, also known as eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification) and KYC (Know Your Customer), to instantly confirm identity whenever anyone accesses a service online.

CR Identify verifies the identity of your new customers, suppliers or hires instantly.

Our specialist software collects data from governments, business registers, mobile networks, utility companies and more to form a powerful, global database that delivers reports and eIDV fast, - so that you can make smart and informed business decisions quickly.

Key Benefits

ID verification you can trust

Verify the true identity of your customers, partners, suppliers or new hires with Cedar Rose’s data-rich global database.

Speed is vital

Global business moves fast. Obtain ID verification results in just milliseconds through one single API.

Reduce risk exposure

CR Identify delivers reliable ID verification so that you can make new hires and build business relationships with confidence.

Live identity data

Our database is constantly updated. You can be confident of receiving ID verification which is totally up to date.

Best ‘in-country’ sources

We have access to the best ‘in-country’ sources, so you can make informed decisions no matter where in the world you operate.

Try before you buy

We’re confident that you will see the immediate benefits of CR Identify. Try it in our test environment before committing financially.

How it works


Connect easily with CR Identify

Use an API to connect your system directly to CR Identify to instantly access our database with data from 174 countries.


Enter Identification Data

The user enters the information required for verification, such as name, ID number, address, phone number, and so on.


Get instant results

The results will be delivered instantly, confirming whether the person is verified or not.


Make smart decisions

It’s that easy! With reliable and rapid ID verification, you can make smart and informed business decisions quickly.

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