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Your business growth depends on successfully engaging with new customers, suppliers and partners across the globe. You need to be completely confident of those entities’ identities, creditworthiness, authenticity and reputation.

Thorough and reliable due diligence or Know Your Business (KYB) processes can often be lengthy and expensive, depending on multiple information sources and manual, paper-based interactions.

Cedar Rose KYB provides a solution to this problem, - fast-tracking due diligence procedures while at the same time ensuring high quality, reliable and up-to-date information verifying the legitimacy and registered status of any company you do business with.

Build trust faster

Cedar Rose KYB utilizes ground-breaking new technologies to rapidly analyse massive amounts of data on over 338 million business entities across 230 countries and jurisdictions. We access both official Government registries as well as trusted authoritative commercial data.

Our solution is fully digitised and response times are extremely fast. CR KYB is available via easy API integration, making it the perfect solution for companies that onboard high volumes of clients or suppliers. With CR KYB you reduce operational costs by eliminating expensive and time-consuming manual due diligence. CR KYB automatically helps you identify and flag any suspicious information that requires further investigation.

Looking for more specialist compliance information on a company, such as sanctions, PEP and adverse media? Automatically request this through our CR Comply solution as a second step in your verification process.

Our database has over 338 million businesses worldwide, verified against official government registries and authoritative commercial data.

Our clients are global financial institutions requiring large volumes of corporate customer data on a frequent basis.

Tier 1 Banks

Insurance Companies

Big Four Auditors

E-Commerce Companies

Online Advertising Platforms

Key Benefits

Identify fraudulent companies quickly

Prevent fraud by identifying suspicious and malicious actors early.

Build trust

Verify the authenticity of any entity so you can trade confidently.

Convert legitimate customers quickly

Get legitimate customers verified quickly, so they can be onboarded fast.

Reduce operational costs

Automate your due diligence processes, saving your organisation money and time.

Avoid financial and reputational damage

Doing business with a fraudulent company can be very costly. With CR KYB you avoid non-compliance penalties and potential reputational damage.

Accelerate your onboarding process

Achieve fast and frictionless onboarding by reducing manual paper-based processes.

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