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Onboarding clients and new employees manually can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Ahlaan - Arabic for ‘Welcome’ – is a smart regulatory compliance and customer onboarding solution from Cedar Rose. It enables companies, banks and financial institutions to automate their verification, compliance and due diligence processes on individuals or businesses during their onboarding process.

Our access to trusted global data and expertise means Ahlaan provides automated risk management solutions for compliance and finance professionals that will match all your regulatory, legal, and business requirements.

How it works

Ahlaan provides a single, secure, onboarding process for you to manage and monitor your customers - allowing your business to always stay protected. Through automation, Ahlaan can eliminate lengthy paper-based tasks and minimise the privacy risk associated with manual application processing.

All forms are managed in one digital platform, ensuring customers are guided smoothly through the onboarding process, avoiding any potential drop off. Ahlaan supports customers through the entire process - simply provide the required documentation and the system takes care of the rest.

Key benefits

Integrated and automated process through API

Flexibility to match your internal compliance and risk management procedures

Easy verification for who you deal with

Designed specifically for regulated entities and those looking to streamline their onboarding process in Banking, Insurance, Fintech, eCommerce, Digital, Gaming and e-Sport

Option to pause or stop if you spot discrepancies or issues with a new customer or third party

12-month compliance and financial risk monitoring option that alerts any change in your customer’s risk profile

To find out more about Ahlaan for individuals and business download the brochure.

Ahlaan can automate and accelerate your onboarding process. Find out how by speaking to an expert today.