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42+ million

Company Records

1.1+ million

Credit Ratings

(CR Score)

2.4+ million

Sales and Marketing Leads

21.1+ million

Director and Shareholder Records

9.5+ million

Ultimate Beneficiary Owner Records

Enhance your global coverage, drive decision making and increase sales

Advancing your initiatives and achieving ambitious business objectives relies on access to global data you can trust.

The solution is Cedar Rose. With your Cedar Rose data licence, gain complete access to our vast repository of data, including the world’s largest database of authoritative and accurate business information.

Discover detailed data tailored to your requirements; director and shareholder records, credit ratings, links between companies and individuals, entity hierarchy data and more.

As a trusted data source for data resellers and enterprise-level customers, exceptional customer focus and data privacy are at the heart of what we do. Our data is reliable, verified and adheres strictly to GDPR compliance and other related regulations.

Whether you need to enrich your data, strengthen your sales efforts, conduct effective industry research, or assess potential clients and partners - use our data to your advantage.

Key Benefits


Obtain quality data that enables easy analysis and interpretation. All of our data is translated into English and delivered in a standardised format, whilst AI modelling ensures data comprehensiveness.


Benefit from full flexibility with data updates based on your specific requirements and instant updates in real-time via API, or incrementally via SFTP based on the schedule you need.


Not only is your data pipeline plan influenced directly by your requirements, but you’ll save valuable time and effort with information tailored to the exact countries and data points relevant to your business needs.


Our data is robust and accurate, gathered from credible and verified sources. Our periodic updates include a date-stamp and source grade for every data point.

Increase your global reach and make confident strategic business decisions by accessing Cedar Rose’s database of over 42 million business records.