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If you are considering employing a person in a responsible position, investing in their business or going into partnership with them, it is imperative to conduct thorough criminal records checks whenever these are available. Cedar Rose’s Due Diligence research team will ensure that meticulous checks are undertaken, using local language skills to ensure the correct individuals are identified. Searches will be undertaken in all relevant jurisdictions and where these checks are not legally obtainable, you will be informed beforehand because we would not proceed in that case.

When you need to be certain your potential partner has no criminal convictions.

We will ensure that all checks are undertaken in a legal and compliant way, that no bribery or corrupt practices are ever involved in retrieving the data. We comply with international laws such as the Anti-Bribery Act and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), so that our clients can be confident that in contracting Cedar Rose for their due diligence investigations, they will remain compliant too.

Trust Cedar Rose to uncover valuable insights your potential employees may prefer not to reveal.

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