Cedar Rose brings you the solutions to remain compliant and know who you are ultimately trading with.


When one company owns or is owned by another, the lines can sometimes become blurred as to who exactly you are trading with. Sometimes unexpected connections are uncovered which can lead to a seemingly clean and innocent company being associated with unsavoury or sanctioned entities. Of course, in the majority of cases, all is good and business continues safely and securely but this investigation could uncover corporate assets (shareholdings in other companies) which could be useful to know later in cases of asset tracing and/or debt collection.

Identify the companies connected to your client through directorships or shareholdings.

This investigation involves Cedar Rose’s investigative due diligence team conducting thorough research in local languages to uncover the corporate data and unique identifiers such as commercial register number, tax or VAT number of companies the subject company is either a director or shareholder of, in the country selected. With our extensive MENA coverage, Cedar Rose offers unprecedented expertise in this field.