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Cedar Rose Data Coverage Update - June 2022
2 weeks ago by Cedar Rose

Cedar Rose Data Coverage Update - June 2022

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We are pleased to advise our main data additions and enhancements for June 2022.

Global Coverage
Our total global coverage has increased from 242,603,780 entities to 247,365,545 entities with the main data additions being made to France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Regional breakdown
  • Americas: 3,740,373 
  • Europe: 87,739,185
  • Middle East North Africa: 14,173,631
  • Africa: 17,399,962
  • Asia: 133,238,099
  • Oceania: 5,247,922

New entity additions and existing entity enhancements
We have added and updated company data for the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan and Russia.