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Asian Cup 2019 - UAE Developments and Investments
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

Asian Cup 2019 - UAE Developments and Investments

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January, 2019:

We are witnessing the 2019 Asian Football Association (AFC) Asian Cup which is being held in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) for the first time since 1996. This month long tournament has been the long-awaited outcome of many investments, and, consequently, strong developments within the nation. The U.A.E has diverted many resources into bringing about a successful tournament and funds reaching Dh1 billion ($272,238,500) to ensure a state-of-the-art service for the 24 countries set to play in the region.  Hosting the AFC Asian Cup comes with great responsibility, but also a great amount of respect. The U.A.E won the bid to host the event and it portrays as a significant achievement for the Emiratis as they bolster their position on an international scale.

Investments Aref Al Awani, secretary general of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, stated that the investments made have gone into developing and improving facilities to accommodate for the competition.

"We can proudly look back and say that we have achieved it and look forward to the tournament becoming a smash hit. And what we have invested will remain as the legacy for UAE football. “ Aref Al Awani 

Winning the bid to host the AFC Asian Cup is a magnificent achievement, for the U.A.E and the Middle East alike. In conjunction with the impending Qatar World Cup of 2022, the Middle East is showing signs of drastic positive enhancements with millions being invested into advanced facilities and capacities as a grand sight for all visitors. Prior to the Asian Cup, the U.A.E has invested heavily, not just for the tournament, but for future events to come. At an international level, the Emiratis are becoming increasingly recognised and will reap the rewards of success from the developments made. This event is a turning point for the internal make-up of the country, the responsibility to host an even of such magnitude and how they will execute on a global stage will be pivotal for the future of the region. 

Specialized investment and greater development for the framework of the country has created a robust foundation and a platform for further opportunities. The U.A.E is a developing nation that shows a sign of a strong future, business is growing, tourism is expanding and a greater responsibility on an international scale is looming. The rise of the U.A.E in the last few decades alone has seen their GDP increase by over 20 fold. This ever-growing entity has begun 2019 in the same prosperous fashion as how it ended 2018. With the beginning of the AFC Asian Cup on 5th January 2019, the U.A.E is kicking off 2019 in spectacular style.  This continuous advancement is attractive for investors, exporters and importers but there are always going to be risks.

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