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Cities Alliance - The Tunisia Country Programme
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

Cities Alliance - The Tunisia Country Programme

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Tunisia is paving the way forward for future initiatives and becoming a visionary country. It is subject to the first ever Cities Alliance Country Programme in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with major investors supporting the programme. From the World Bank to the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), prominent actors are fully behind the Cities Alliance vision for Tunisia. Through strengthening strategic city planning and fostering collaboration across the country this programme sets out to establish a decentralised and cooperative country which will reap the inherent benefits. Tunisia is in the process of becoming a country of exciting investment opportunities not to be missed. 

Trust the Process

Through a serious of planned, structured and innovative changes, Cities Alliance hopes to implement a sustainable and robust city planning ideology within Tunisia. The overriding and fundamental aim is to establish a greater coherence amongst all levels: national, city and community. This foundation will set a path for greater strategic plans concerning urban development and any and all city planning. Furthermore, the decentralised nature of Tunisia`s Country Programme enforces and develops democratic practice by involving citizens into the planning and decision-making process. The programme is structured around three main pillars: scaling up strategic city planning, setting up participatory approaches to city management and informing the national urban debate.

  1. Scaling Up Strategic City Planning:
    In order to pioneer such a vision there will need to be a consensus amongst the actors involved. Additionally, due to the many investors and parties engaging in the strategic planning, it is a must to bring about a platform for consultation. The actors are external donors, city federations, local governments, communities and NGOs. With the correct implementation of coordination, these actors can work in harmony and synchronisation with one another for maximum efficiency. The Cities Alliance programme will be working with eight secondary cities of Tunisia to engage in city development strategies with the goal of disseminating strategic urban planning. The initiative aims to collaborate across the whole country instead of its current structure where much of the focus is traditionally directed towards the coastal cities.

  2. Setting Up Participatory Approaches to City Management
    This area focuses on increasing interaction between cities, communities and the national government in terms of urban planning. The Country Programme vision seeks to bring additional resources to streamline the implementation of the, already in place, national programme. Additionally, to implement change, there are numerous actors supporting Tunisia, which include the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the European Union and the World Bank.

  3. Informing the National Urban Debate:
    This focus will attempt to help Tunisia better prepare to deal with key issues related to cities that are likely to be confronted in the near future. Information is key, and this reform will allow for a more informative country and a system that works in cooperation and understanding of management and development processes. The Cities Alliance initiative hopes to initiate debate and a strong flow of information on topics such as: regionalisation, the role of cities, intercity collaborative governance, gender equality in city development and city management, and the elaboration of a national urban policy.
The vision that Cities Alliance is attempting to bring to Tunisia contains a multitude of benefits and opportunities that will be reaped by all. This initiative may be the kick start that Tunisia has been waiting for and it will prepare the country for a brighter tomorrow. 

A Land of Opportunity

The Cities Alliance Country Programme is a positive step, not only for Tunisia, but for the entire MENA region. The stability and robust infrastructure that this initiative will bring opens up doors for incredible investment opportunities within Tunisia. "Cities Alliance is working to develop synergies and encourage coordination among actors, for more coherent national policies,"- Claire Azzabi, World Bank Tunisia Country Office. There is an array of investment opportunities within the country due to the fact that 75% of Tunisia`s urban population lives in the coastal cities, along with the bulk of their industry. The Cities Alliance project will provide the resources necessary to revive mainland Tunisia, and provide benefits not only to the developing cities but the coastal development can also improve through more coherent communication with its counterpart. 

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