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ClearVue Technologies to make a Positive Statement in the Middle East
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

ClearVue Technologies to make a Positive Statement in the Middle East

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The Middle East is progressing into a region of clean and renewable energy. The concern for a healthier environment and, consequently, a healthier planet, is refreshing to witness. ClearVue, an Australian public listed company, is one of the companies that is providing a cleaner industry within the region. Through their groundbreaking product, photo-voltaic solar panels, ClearVue aspires to provide smart-building-material to the heights of the Middle East. Their patented technology allows visible light to pass through a pane of glass, while the invisible wavelengths of light are deflected to the edges of the glass where they are converted into electricity. This offers a huge market potential for the visionary company and can benefit the region for years to come. Newer technologies and innovations are constantly being developed and ClearVue has perfectly designed their product to suit the sunny landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

A Global Turning Point 

The world has, arguably, formed a global consensus concerning the issue of the environment. There is a strong desire for cleaner sources of energy, renewable energies and healthier means of industrial operations. ClearVue is one of many companies that have taken the initiative to focus its processes on developing technologies to benefit the environment. What better place to implement these new initiatives than the Middle East, a vast region of scorching heat to fuel their technology. Currently, ClearVue is expected to formalise a distribution license and have a formal deal in writing within two months. The company has currently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UAE based Grasfol General Trading in order to attain exclusive distribution rights within the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. Additionally, the deal also includes non-exclusive distribution rights in Saudi Arabia. ClearVue has portrayed its vision and product effectiveness throughout the US and European markets, now it is taking the Middle East by storm.

"This MoU represents a great opportunity for ClearVue to break into the Middle Eastern region" - Victor Rosenberg, executive chairman of ClearVue Technologies.
This aesthetically efficient product has paved the way forward for future initiatives concerning cleaner forms of energy. Already planning for the long-term, the companies envisage using the glass to become a virtual power supplier in the region. The room for growth amongst this ideology is potentially limitless. 

A Real Niche

ClearVue has hit the nail on the head, so to speak, with the market that they are moving in to. Although exporting to new markets will always involve an element of risk, Cedar Rose can help navigate companies safely through the Middle East. With over 20 years` experience providing Credit reports, Monitoring and Due Diligence in the region; we know the ins and outs that can save your business time and money. To find out more, contact orders@cedar-rose.com.

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