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Construction Sector Booming - MENA Region Insights
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Construction Sector Booming - MENA Region Insights

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The rise in many parts of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) shows no signs of slowing down. Regional focus on developing infrastructure is set to be at an all-time high throughout 2019 with multiple plans and visions set in stone for a new and improved MENA region. Those leading the way forward for this development are Oman, Egypt and Iraq, although not limited to these. The region as a whole is focussing on infrastructural improvements and expansive economic diversification plans. With MENA construction on the rise, how can you benefit from this visionary region? And, how do the countries of MENA expect to grow so rapidly? 

The Foundations 

Investing in infrastructure is a long-term plan in need of robust foundations and a clear cut strategy. Thus, the MENA construction industry is set to rise, on average, 7.5% in 2019 and hopes to continue a rise at a rate of 6.8% per year until 2022. This long-awaited growth in the sector has been patiently waiting for the recovery of the economy from the three-year oil price slump back in 2016 which suspended many construction projects. The MENA region is attempting to diversify its economy away from oil and plans to build large-scale developments, for example, Dubai Expo 2020 - and related projects. Other developments such as the Kuwait bridge, Riyadh`s Metro and Oman`s plastics industry complex all show signs of growth and prosperity. The MENA region will be a boon for contractors.

"Our bullish forecast is underpinned by strong government support for infrastructure development, expansive economic diversification plans, investment to improve logistics connectivity, and reconstruction efforts in conflict zones," Fitch Solutions
Furthermore, Egypt is paving the way forward with major infrastructural changes, expecting to reach a whopping 10.8% growth year-on-year from 2019. Their construction sector is setting in stone a vision for grand improvements. This vision is highlighted and reassured by the fact that government investment is backing a packed pipeline of projects to account for the rapidly growing population. Sectors such as commercial, transport and industrial are all planned for construction. Other countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia plan to grow at a slower pace compared to the aforementioned countries due to their already established structures. However, how can contractors, importers, exporters and investors get involved in this rapidly growing region? 

How can we help? The Cedar Rose Effect 

Cedar Rose wants you to utilise on these grand opportunities in the safest way possible. Our years of experience within the MENA region combined with the local expertise we hold can prove to be your go-to source of information for the operating within MENA. The planned construction projects could potentially be the turning point for many countries in the region, creating an advanced society with robust economies. However, as great as the opportunity may seem on the surface, it is important to dig a little deeper and fully assess, analyse and scrutinise all potential benefits and risks. How can you do this? We offer fresh investigative due diligence reports that can provide you with all the information necessary for investing in or creating partnerships with companies within the MENA region. Whether you are experienced in the construction sector or not, our due diligence reports can uncover every nook and cranny that you will need to mitigate risks when taking on opportunities such as the one that presents itself here. Our team of experienced professionals directly and expertly conduct research to inform you as per your requests. Our investigations make sure that you truly know who you are dealing with. We sieve out any unlawful connections that companies or related directors and shareholders may have, we can find out the Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership (UBO) of a given company, assess the local reputation and legal status, uncover court records or debt concerns, adverse media in the local language and much more.

Contact Us today for your due diligence needs to build safe and profitable relationships within the MENA construction sector 

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