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Employee Spotlight - Hannah King
1 year ago by Mark Bowers

Employee Spotlight - Hannah King

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Name:  Hannah King

Position:  New Account Manager

Q: What position do you hold in the company and how long have you worked for Cedar Rose? 

A: I am the New Account Manager and have been with Cedar Rose since March 2016.

Q: What do you love about your job? 

A: From Monday-Friday, week-in week-out, my days are ever-changing. I love the new experiences, the new challenges and, importantly, the new things that I am constantly learning. I am grateful to work in an office where I am constantly provided the opportunity to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. 

On a collective level, the support and encouragement that I receive from my friends and colleagues with whom I work with provides me with the motivation to overcome any and all challenges. Additionally, it is always a great feeling when I am able to bridge the gap between two companies, building relationships with our clients and watching them benefit from the services that we have to offer. 

Q: When you hang your hat on Monday morning, what does your day consist of? 

A: As previously stated, I focus much of my work on forming new relationships. It is vital that I understand every 'nook and cranny` of Cedar Rose so I am able to provide detailed assessments and information for potential clients. 

Importantly, I also maintain already existing clients, making sure every arrangement and every client is happy with the services that we provide. In this line of work, every day is different and I greet every new day with a new challenge and a refreshed determination to succeed. 

Q: What drives you to be successful in the workplace?

A:  As our company motto goes 'strive for excellence`, this is something I always have in mind. I aim to achieve this daily, and I am always trying to learn new things to make me succeed. I enjoy extending out of my comfort zone so I can grow into new areas of the workplace, strengthening my knowledge and consolidating my ability to be the best Client Relationship 

Executive that I can be. Furthermore, my colleagues keep me inspired to be more successful, they are a great influence within the work environment. 

Q: What achievements are you most proud of in work? 

A: I undergo achievements in work every day, big or small, and it is these differences that make me proud, they are personal achievements to me. Additionally, I achieved my Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) qualification which really helps me understand the challenges faced by our credit reporting and exporting clients from their perspective. 

I was extremely proud of myself for completing this qualification, but with a bit of perseverance, desire and determination I know I can succeed in anything I do. Nonetheless, the support and guidance of everyone at Cedar Rose is always such a strong force in helping me, and I am sure others, succeed. 

Q: What achievements are you most proud of outside of work? 

A: Without a shadow of a doubt my 4 year old son, Spencer, of course there are many achievements I could say but this is number 1 and the proudest achievement in my life. 

Q: What do you love to do outside of work? 

AI love to spend a lot of time with my son, socialise with my friends, including my work colleagues who I always have fun with, and enjoy myself to the maximum.  

Additionally, I love spending time with my family who I owe so much to and spending time trying to see this amazing island that I am blessed to live in. I also love to travel, experience new cultures and explore different experiences as much as I can. Similar to Hannah, check out other spotlights of Cedar Rose Employees here.

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