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Jordan's First Nanosatellite Launched with Support of FRV
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Jordan's First Nanosatellite Launched with Support of FRV

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Jordan is the next country from the Middle East to successfully launch a satellite into space, following the KhalifaSat, the Jordanian nano-satellite signifies a great hallmark in history. With the help of Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a leading global developer of renewable utility-scale projects, Jordan created the CubeSat (JY1-SAT). The Jordanian invention was constructed as part of a collaborative agreement between FRV and Crown Prince Foundation (CPF), a respected institution that promotes cultural, intellectual and social initiatives amongst the youth of Jordan. This satellite was designed by the younger generations of Jordan. The future of this Middle Eastern country seems to be in good hands with young and talented minds such as the CubeSat developers. Jordan's focus on youth development is inspirational and hopefully a trend that will continue among other countries within the Middle East and beyond. 

Giant Leaps for Jordan 

This incredibly crafted nano-satellite was constructed by a team of 19 young engineer students from a variety of Jordan`s fine universities. Jordan has initiated in a long-term plan to enhance the younger generation`s potential, providing newer opportunities for them to develop and broaden their skills. In addition to JY1-SAT, the team of young engineers also built a ground station from where they can conduct satellite operations post-launch. The nano-satellite currently resides orbiting the planet at around 600km above Earth`s surface. The overriding mission of the CubeSat is to disseminate images of Jordanian cultural, archaeological and tourist sites. Additionally, the satellite is connected to ground stations around the world for research and educational projects.

"We appreciate the strategic alliance we have built with FRV, as such partnerships support us in making big progress in achieving CPF`s development objectives as well as fulfil our mission in supporting Jordanian youth." - Dr. Tamam Mango, CEO of the Crown Prince Foundation."

This exceptional feat undertaken by Jordan will hope to inspire many more individuals to pursue their dreams in changing the world for the better. Jordan`s entry into the space race highlights the technological achievements and the potential for further accomplishments within the nation. 

Land of Opportunity 

Jordan`s recent success has reinforced their position on the map. The country displays great belief in younger generations. CPF's ultimate mission, to promote initiatives to the younger population of Jordan, has shown great results. This landmark event will help inspire future success for the nation. With the younger generation being equipped to excel, Jordan offers potential as a smart place to invest. So what can you do? Cedar Rose offers a bespoke business intelligence service that can help you invest wisely. Through our business credit reports or due diligence investigations, you can discover in-depth information on companies and individuals within Jordan. If you are thinking about investing, then you should consider indulging in professional research. Invest safely and mitigate risks with Cedar Rose. Search for information on your potential partners on our homepage.

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