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KhalifaSat - Satellite Innovation and Future Emirati Inspiration
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

KhalifaSat - Satellite Innovation and Future Emirati Inspiration

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The UAE has taken significant leaps towards an exciting future of unlimited opportunities. The first 100% UAE made satellite, KhalifaSat, has been launched signifying a historic landmark and providing a strong foundation for future innovation and inspiration.  KhalifaSat is "source of inspiration for future Emirati Generations" being one of the first productions of the advanced technology industry in the UAE. This development is a reflection of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre`s (MBRSC) strategy to encourage innovation and stimulate further technological advancements within the UAE for future generations. 

A Success Story

The KhalifaSat does not only provide future advancements for the technology industry but it can deliver exciting opportunities nationally and globally. It is able to supply high-quality detailed imagery that will be used to benefit urban planning management, ensuring the optimisation of land use and to give realistic infrastructure proposals. The service available to the UAE with the orbiting KhalifaSat satellite proposes a magnitude of benefits and exciting investment opportunities for exporters and innovators alike. Furthermore, and importantly, the satellite addresses and attempts to tackle the worrying issues of global warming. The KhalifaSat is able to monitor changes to the environment to support efforts to preserve it, providing detailed imagery of the North and South Poles, focusing on a close monitoring of the ice caps.

Inspiration for Future Generations

The UAE is now equipped and determined to tackle further scientific issues and looks forward to 100 years of scientific renaissance, evident in their proposed exploration and settlement of Mars. The KhalifaSat innovation has laid foundations for future aspirations, tackling some of the greatest challenges that the Earth faces such as life support systems on other planets. The UAE is paving the way forward for future generations with enthusiasm for scientific exploration, bringing together some of the brightest Arab minds and establishing a platform for scientists to guide the youth of today towards a brighter tomorrow. The KhalifaSat has sparked a productive match throughout the UAE and projects such as Mars 2117 reflect the ambition, determination and vision of the UAE`s leadership. It supports a strong developmental path of the UAE economy for the next century proving a copious amount of opportunities for investment and exportation. The vision is simply outstanding and begs the question of what next? The potential is unlimited and the future looks bright for the UAE. 

Investing and Exporting Opportunities 

The recent influx of technological advancements which the UAE is experiencing, superseded by the KhalifaSat, cements a strong foundation for future innovation. With future innovation comes future investment and exporting opportunities. The UAE is a hotspot for grand potential and it could be wise to consider this market. If you are willing to grasp at this opportunity then Cedar Rose may have the right solution for you. Whether you need credit reports, access to marketing data, due diligence or litigation investigations or more, Cedar Rose can deliver the right solution for you. With over 20 years of experience, Cedar Rose is a trusted company and may ensure a safer way for exporters to conduct business in a region that you may have inexperience with. Cedar Rose is a strong advocate of innovation, make sure you stay tuned in with our newsroom for the latest insights across the globe. 

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