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Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Identifying and Verifying Ownership
1 year ago by Christina Massaad

Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Identifying and Verifying Ownership

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Whether you are conducting business locally or overseas it is vital to know who you are 'getting into bed with'. As a client, in order to mitigate risks, it is necessary to identify and verify the true ownership of an entity. This will help avoid working with companies that are linked to unethical or criminal practices or even help to evade companies that are under imposed sanctions that you may be unaware of. 

The knowledge from identifying and verifying business ownership can prove to be pivotal for the future of your company. But what is really at risk and why is it important to check the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) before entering an agreement?  

Knowledge or Risk

For example, if your company exports from country 'A' to country 'B', and you are not aware of the UBO, you may end up damaging your own company. The risks that you may be subjected to might not be limited to financial, by entering a business arrangement with a company with an unknown UBO, your reputation may also be at risk. Thus, knowledge of the UBO of an entity could mitigate these problems and help the conduction of a safe transaction. 

When exporting overseas, there may be sanctions or political environments that you are unfamiliar with. Therefore, this may breed hostility throughout your business arrangement, and it may be hard to discover whether a company is politically exposed, sanctioned, or linked to any other unethical or criminal activity. So what can be done to avoid these risks?  

Cedar Rose - The Business Intelligence Solution

Cedar Rose are prepared to dig deep and investigative into the UBOs, determined to connect the dots that may be hard to see for most. Our professional investigative due diligence team have the resources, knowledge, and the experience in investigating UBOs, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), and any litigation and ethical issues. 

Due Diligence to Uncover Business Ownership

Cedar Rose offer investigative due diligence reports that can uncover the truth regarding business ownership. With millions of global companies in the Cedar Rose database, we can identify and verify the ownership of an entity with ease.

We offer reports from Customer Due Diligence reports, which can trace the UBOs of high-risk countries, to Political Associations & Connections reports, which extensively track the connections of a company and the potential implications of dealing with them. 

These are just two example of a multitude of reports that Cedar Rose has to offer. On the rare occasion that you do not find the correct report for you, we offer a service that allows you to tailor-make your own report, where we can deliver you a fresh investigation of exactly what you want, within legal boundaries. 

It is important to understand that information is of utmost importance and it is particularly necessary when you are going into business with another company, for example, if you are exporting goods somewhere. With the choice of having detailed knowledge of your business counterparts or to 'go in blind', there is little doubt as to the correct path successful businesses would choose. 

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