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Technological Evolution - A New Era of Cybercrime
2 years ago by Jack Evangelides

Technological Evolution - A New Era of Cybercrime

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Society is advancing through a technological paradigm shift into a world of internet currencies, quicker modes of transport and easier methods of transferring data. Our society is essentially 'online', but what are the repercussions of this new age? Businesses and everyday people enjoy the effectiveness of new technologies, but fail to acknowledge the double-edged sword that is creeping into the back doors of companies around the world. Take the right precautions or face the inevitable consequences. 

Fear The Dark Overlord - Data Ransom

The Dark Overlord is a hacking group at the forefront of technological upheaval and a prime example of the dangers to our beloved technologies. The group is infamously known for their blackmailing of schools, medical providers, Hollywood studios and it doesn't stop there, your business could be next. "Larson Studios, Hollywood post-production studio, paid $50,000 in bitcoin after a season of the series 'Orange is the New Black' was stolen from its network in 2016." (Kirk, 2018) These cyber-criminals are holding private data hostage, then blackmailing businesses to pay for their private data through the means of virtual currency (Bitcoin). Allegedly, a key member of the organisation was recently arrested. The police found evidence of personal details in the form of 78 million usernames and passwords and 63,000 debit/credit card details. Also, it was said the police seized $500,000 in Bitcoin, resulting in the first-ever seizure of virtual currency! (Kirk, 2018) 

Money Over Morals

The terror that the Dark Overlord had caused is unaffected by morals and it is simply motivated by money. "As far as what motivates us to continue our good work: internet money [...] we're motivated only by our desire to acquire internet money." (Kan, 2018) No matter your motives, if you're a private school or a governmental institution, your business is threatened by the Dark Overlord and other hackers. As recent as May 2018, the Dark Overlord has been active in sending death threats to students and parents of public schools across the United States, forcing 30 of them to close down for at least one week. The Dark Overlord doesn't stop here, there's said to be evidence of attacks on major corporations such as: Uber, Sainsbury`s and T-Mobile. Whether your business is big or small, private or public, you are at risk of hackers if you do not deal with online threats properly. 

 What Can You Do? - Stay Ahead of the Game

Make sure you know who you are getting involved with and avoid pre-emptive threats that may be thrown your way. Whether you are making a transaction, investing in another company or simply answering an email, you never know what can be lurking around the corner. At Cedar Rose, privacy and trust is of the utmost importance to us, to provide our clients with a trustworthy solution for any investment. We offer a variety of products to help you securely make decisions for the future of your company. Our investigative due diligence reports provide details from the illegalities of businesses to associations with known terrorists and criminals. If there are red flags, our reports can find them for you today. Keep ahead of the technological uproar and secure the future of your company in the best way you can. The pen is mightier than the sword. 

Sourced Image: Flickr 

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