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Information: Your Database for the Developing Countries
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Information: Your Database for the Developing Countries

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This last decade of the 21st century has seen a dramatic increase in the quantity of information available to the everyday person, with technology surpassing any expectations. It is possible to connect to a person, company or computer across the globe just from a few clicks on your phone, laptop or desktop. With this technological revolution came innovators, those who took and who are still taking technology to the next level. 

Companies are utilising the magnitude of data, the ingeniousness of technology and the speed of delivery to enhance the workplace and produce greater results. It is undeniable how the world has changed in recent years, thus, we look to the forefront of this trend for new inspiration on this ever-growing phenomenon. 

The Antagonist

The amount of information available has many benefits ranging from more transparency to greater access of knowledge, however, it also poses a real threat. Threats such as untrustworthy information, data theft and hacking are by-products of this new realm of information that we all live in. 

The need for data security, trusted sources of information and protection laws has never been more evident. Thus, to live in this technologically utopian society, we need to find the balance between unlimited access to data and security of fraud and deceitfulness. To fully utilise the potential of all this accessible information there are certain procedures you can take, especially when conducting business.

The Balance

Cedar Rose have perfected the way for companies and individuals alike to find the balance between access to global information and the security and trustworthiness of their data. We cover countries where data is of the utmost importance. 

With a main focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Cedar Rose coverage also encompasses the developing countries, with our database containing millions of companies and individuals. We are internationally recognised for identifying connections between people and people, companies and companies and people and companies across borders. 

Maximum Potential

So what is the full scope of benefits to accessing this data and the security of knowing that it is trustworthy? Whether you`re exporting abroad, giving credit or simply performing many other day-to-day business arrangements with companies or individuals, the Cedar Rose database (CRiS) is your one-stop shop for business intelligence. Not only is it the largest MENA database of companies and individuals currently available in one place, but it also allows searches in local language script (eg; Arabic/Persian) or in English, for more accurate identification. 

What have we established so far? 

Cedar Rose holds the largest database in the MENA region, it is all accessible from one access point, and data is translated and transliterated, therefore, whether you are typing in Arabic or English you are able to find what you are looking for. 

However, there is more and, perhaps, the most significant feature of this comprehensive database, the identifying and connecting feature. CRiS can cross reference the millions of companies and individuals in its database so that affiliations may be easily identified to produce results such as tracing the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO). The search is conducted using advanced server technology to optimise the speed-enhanced algorithm for best data matching. 

The data we hold on individuals and companies is linked to ensure that searches not only show people data, but can show any relation to certain companies, such as whether they hold shares, directorship positions they hold (or have held) and more. 

Furthermore, there are over 20 search filters for companies and over 25 for individuals for more accurate identification. An important factor for most companies in the business intelligence, compliance, banking, investment and legal sector is concern over the source of information. 

How trustworthy is it? Our CRiS database provides source and intelligence grading next to each data field which rates the reliability of the source, in addition to a date stamp for a more accurate result. The accuracy of information is also superseded by the fact that each company and individual has Unique Identifiers which reduces duplicated data. Another bonus of CRiS is that there are various levels of subscriptions offered which allows you to choose what plan is best suited to your needs. 

From the KYC level suitable to help your sales team identify and contact legitimately registered businesses, Credit Reporting level helping you to size and risk analyse companies all the way to the Directorship and Shareholding level, with the latter enabling the full linking of companies and people.

For more information on any of our business intelligence services, give us a call today on +357 25 346630 or email info@cedar-rose.com

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