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Due Diligence Report in United Arab Emirates (the)

Due Diligence Report

Due Diligence for MENA

To remain KYC & AML compliant, you need to really know the facts

Cedar Rose is trusted by banks, Big 4 auditors, FTSE 100 companies and other information agencies for our in-depth due diligence services and access to local sources of information.

Our standard Due Diligence Report will give you complete peace of mind that the company or individual you are trading with in MENA has been thoroughly screened. Starting with a full profile on the company including activities, contact and registration details, capital structure and ownership translated into the English language, our Due Diligence researchers then dig deeper to check for any legal proceedings involving the subject, bankruptcies and debt collection searches (where available), registered mortgages or seizures of assets. They will also conduct a full media search in all local languages (could be Arabic, English and French) to discover any adverse media reports linking the subject to wrongdoing. In addition to all this, the investigation includes a Global Compliance Check to ensure the entity is not sanctioned, wanted or convicted of crimes internationally and PEP Screening to report whether they are politically exposed or connected.

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