Instant ID Verification - Match or No Match

Your Instant and Technologically Advanced Tool for Identifying People and Companies

Your Instant and Technologically Advanced Tool for Identifying People and Companies

meKYC or youIDV provides access via API for instant and accurate identity verification data, on individuals and companies, in developing countries and parts of the globe where information has previously been difficult to access. Cedar Rose has been compiling information on companies and individuals in the Middle East, North Africa and surrounding countries for over 20 years.

We provide this as a result of market demand for compliance tools.

We believe our database is the largest, most comprehensive, accurate and useful of its kind. Through our own database and those of our fully compliant partners in some instances we are able to provide access to data via API for real time identity verification of over 125 million individuals in the Middle East, Africa, Russian Federation and some Eastern European countries. Including 100% of the adult population in some cases – verifiable by full name and/or unique identifier such as date of birth or national identity number.

meKYC enables instant API Know Your Customer checks for both people and businesses.

youIDV allows you to focus on people alone via our robust identity verification API tool.

A Comprehensive and Professional Service
Services offered in English / Arabic / french
AML & FATCA compliance
On millions of companies
Proficient data aquiring to normalising systems
Single, flexible and secure API – Application Programming Interface
Singular Extract > Transform > Load process
Technology enhanced reports via HTML delivery
Automated translation > transliteration
Partnerships with financial institutions and banks

What is EIDV?

EIDV stands for Electronic Identity Verification and can be used across private and/or public records to discover the validity of an individual, in real time. The execution happens speedily where smart scanning instantly matches personal information such as name, date of birth, identity card numbers and registered addresses.

How does it work?

During the verification stages, data from Source A will be matched with stored data from Source B. A match will be assigned to distinguish whether both information sources correspond with each other. Example - Failed matching: Social security number matching that of a deceased person.

What kind of data is used?

The personal documents used by sources related to driving licenses, ID cards, civil registration certificates and birth certificates. Databases which store this information are often publicly available police records, voter’s records, commercial register records and credit bureau information.

How can this help me?

youIDV can help you to mitigate risk should you or your business calculate risk factors such as (1) Identity theft (2) Negative verification (3) Data anonymization (4) Social identity claims (5) securities transfer association medallion program.
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