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Adapt, Overcome and Diversify - The Oman Way
1 year ago by Jack Evangelides

Adapt, Overcome and Diversify - The Oman Way

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA), collectively, have embarked on a mission to diversify their sources of energy. From solar power initiatives in Egypt and the UAE to windfarms in Oman, the MENA region is expanding their sources of energy in an eco-friendly manner. Each entity that makes up the MENA region has had to adapt to these newer forms of energy, spreading a major influence across the nations. 

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has envisaged a region that draws much of its energy from renewable sources. Many nations in the MENA region have implemented visions of greener energy and Oman is the next country in the limelight with their current ongoing implementation of a windfarm in the Dhofar Governorate. 


Oman has adapted to an ever-growing demand, to diversify their energy sources, and is expecting to complete the windfarm project by Q3 2019. This initiative will be the GCC's first utility-scale windfarm with expectations of generating electricity to supply around 16,000 homes. 

The Dhofar Governorate presents itself as a suitable region for the implementation of the wind turbines. However, due to the harsh weather conditions, the wind turbines needed to be tailor made by GE Renewable Energy, in order to withstand intense heat and arid desert conditions. Nonetheless, the Dhofar project is one of many ideas to harness renewable energy in Oman. 

The entire project is funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) which reinforces Oman`s commitment to amplifying their energy sources. As stated, an estimate of 16,000 homes will be supplied with clean renewable energy; however, this is not the only significant factor. In addition to transferring cleaner energy across Oman, the nation is also offsetting an average of 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, annually. This alone is an incredible feat and a sign of a modernising and forward-thinking society. 

The world, in the last decade, has turned its head towards cleaner energy and greener solutions to replace the redundant ones currently in use. The Gulf region already suffers with extreme heat and humidity and relies on air conditioning to sustain comfortable living during most of the year. Governments and organisations in the region have proven to be very supportive of new initiatives and have implemented many techniques to provide more sustainable living.

Is Oman the next step for you? 

Oman has proved that it can adapt, overcome and diversify to newer means of energy. Eradicating their reliance on traditional forms of energy has superseded future support to transform the nation entirely. This is upheld by the overriding vision which aims to generate 10% of electricity from renewable resources by 2025. 

The onset of these initiatives is generating an exciting, forward-thinking and ambitious nation that may prove to be pivotal in the upcoming years. With Cedar Rose, you can navigate, instigate and operate within Oman. Being the leading industry experts for the MENA region, Cedar Rose has compiled sourced and relevant data on Oman that may help your company`s next move. 

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