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Pre-employment Screening at Cedar Rose
4 months ago by Jack Evangelides

Pre-employment Screening at Cedar Rose

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When a business experiences strong growth and expansion the next rational move for companies is to grow its workforce. While this offers plenty of new and exciting opportunities there are a number of challenges this presents.  With an increased number of an international workforce, running comprehensive global background checks, such as a pre-employment screening, is now more significant than ever.

For many years now, employers have been conducting pre-employment screenings of all job applicants and have been outsourcing all or part of these evaluations to private third-party organisations such as Cedar Rose who for a number of years has been specialising in pre-employment background screening. Cedar Rose helps your organisation keep pace with the ever changing nature of global background checks saving you time and affording you peace of mind.

Pre-employment screening at Cedar Rose refers to the process of investigating and researching the backgrounds of potential employees and is designed to verify information supplied by candidates on their CV and applications. This will often include checks on each of the jobs listed on the applicants CV to make sure the job title, dates of employment, and many other details are accurate such as verification of degrees, prior to finalizing a hire, especially for entry-level jobs

What Cedar Rose Offers:

  • Verification of Identification Information (including National Identity Number, Civil Register Number, Social Security Number, Residence or Passport Number where available).
  • Verification of the applicant`s highest educational claim.
  • Review and Verification of previous five year`s employment history and dates with former employer(s).
  • Criminal History Check, including any on-going court case where publicly available
  • Court Records check where publicly available
  • Adverse Electronic Search, which includes searching the subject`s name against internet portals, search engines and newspapers/periodicals archives to reveal red flag issues and adverse information.

We at Cedar Rose are here to listen and to assist with your requirements.

Please contact Business Development Manager, Helen Lambrou at for information or simply call on +357 25 346630

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