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Real time access to one of the world’s largest corporate and legal entity databases


Search Directors and Shareholders to uncover UBOs and Legal Entity Affiliation Hierarchy from across the world including jurisdictions that are considered opaque


View corporate data, credit scores and compliance alerts for 230 countries.


Conduct instant global compliance checks against sanctions & watchlists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Adverse Media

Access the Data Your Organisation Needs Whenever You Need It

A CR Subscription can be tailored to your business depending on how and where you trade. With full access, you and your colleagues can seamlessly browse a database of verified, fully translated and analytically linked information on over 150 million businesses and over 13 million related directors and shareholders. Further, if you only trade in one or two countries, the subscription package can be limited to those, with any investigations needed outside them as optional extras. You can add countries or users to the subscription at any time within your own admin dashboard, and set limits and budgets for users.

What’s Included?

CRiS Global

145+ million companies


100+ million companies


45+ million companies


14+ million companies


12+ million companies


3+ million companies

Subscribe to CRiS Intelligence for an all-in-one Customer Onboarding and Monitoring Solution

View and monitor company, director and shareholder information for customer on-boarding, credit management, compliance and due diligence.

  • See your Action History and view previous orders.
  • Choose countries of relevance and see data additions.
  • Set Admin and User controls to manage usage within budgets.
Company search
Visual alerts

Visual alerts to keep your team updated

Run automated compliance checks on companies and individuals in just seconds with one click.

  • KYC Know Your Customer compliance process made easy.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance.
  • Adverse Media alerts with continuous monitoring options, FATF aligned.
  • Conduct Sanctions & Watch-list scans against 1000s of regulatory sources.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screening of over 5000 official sources.
  • Fully customizable solution to conduct checks within your company’s policy.

Full Control over Access and Budgets

See the most important data on companies and individuals, personalised to your organisation’s needs.

  • Complete view of historical searches and investigations for audit trails.
  • Choose countries of relevance and see data additions.
  • Set Admin and User controls to manage usage within.
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How can CRiS Intelligence help you?

Gain access to millions of records of legal entity data and individuals from across the world, enable your risk and compliance team by giving them access to critical KYC, credit risk and compliance information from a single portal. Reduce friction and valuable time spent on searching multiple and scattered data repositories and registries. Eliminate the need for multi-lingual analysts and researchers as all corporate data is in Romanised characters for everyone to use and understand.

With a subscription you will gain access to a wealth of data on companies, directors and shareholders. Our database was created as both an investigative research tool – ideal for journalists, researchers, threat finance and due diligence specialists to gain access to data not previously available online in the English language – and as a resource for credit reporting, credit analysis, KYC (Know Your Customer), directorship and shareholding investigations and the identification of UBOs (Ultimate Beneficiary Owners) to aid in AML (Anti-Money Laundering) investigations.

All records within our CRiS Intelligence database are sourced from the most reliable, publicly available sources of information (Ministries of Commerce, Commercial Registers Departments, Chambers of Commerce etc.). Each field of information also has the added benefit of our 4x4 source and intelligence grading system. This grading system provides a better understanding of the source and information reliability pertaining to each field or section.

The data within has been translated and transliterated to enable searches in both Arabic, Persian, Kurdish and Romanised characters. The database can be used to search for companies and individuals and identify connections between them. Linking these entities enables subscribers to identify links within aiding in customer analysis, due diligence and useful for anti-money-laundering investigations (AML).

How to access our Data?

Via Online

With a Cedar Rose account, when you purchase a CRiS Intelligence annual database subscription, you gain password protected access online. Just advise us how many users you need access for and which countries you want to include and we’ll provide a quotation within one working day.



Setup your CRiS Intelligence subscription via API, where you can see our data in your own system and allow your customers to search our database via your own website.


Via Salesforce

With our easy to use add-on, access Cedar Rose’s global data and reports with our Salesforce custom-built application. The easiest way to identify new customers, qualify them, conduct KYC and credit score them – even order due diligence reports. The perfect tool for seamless customer onboarding.


CRiS Intelligence Data Fields Available

  • Company Name in English
  • Company Date Registered
  • Company Registered Activity and UK SIC codes
  • Company Former Names
  • Company Legal Form
  • Key management names and posts held
  • Trading Names and Branches
  • Company Registered Capital
  • Business affiliations
  • Company Main Address
  • Company Capital Structure
  • Financial information including Sales Turnover
  • Company Registered Address Details
  • Shareholders Names and Percentages
  • Description of premises including any branch details
  • Company Commercial Register Number
  • Directors Names
  • Cedar Rose’s country risk summary report
  • Company Trade License Number
  • Owners / shareholders ID particulars if available
  • Cedar Rose’s credit opinion
  • Chamber of Commerce Register Number
  • Company’s Corporate history
  • Shareholders/ Director’s Nationality
  • Legal Entity Affiliation Hierarchy
  • Group Structure Tree
  • Holdings
  • Link Analysis
  • CR Comply
  • Company Official Unique Identification Numbers
  • Business activities of the company
  • Bankruptcies Search Results
  • Company Date Started
  • Number of employees

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