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The World's Most Comprehensive Database for the Middle East and North Africa

With a subscription to our CRiS MENA database you will gain access to a wealth of data on companies, directors and shareholders in any or all of the following countries:














Saudi Arabia



United Arab Emirates


Our MENA database contains company data on over 12 million companies and 23 million individuals across the Arabic speaking countries. Data has been translated and transliterated to enable searches in both Arabic and Romanised characters (English and French). CRiS MENA can be used to search for companies and individuals and identify connections between them via our powerful link analysis functionality.

CRiS MENA was created as both an investigative research tool – ideal for journalists, researchers, threat finance and due diligence specialists to gain access to data not previously available online in the English language – and as a resource for credit reporting, credit analysis, KYC (Know Your Customer), directorship and shareholding investigations and the identification of UBOs (Ultimate Beneficiary Owners) to aid in AML (Anti-Money Laundering) investigations. CRiS MENA subscribers can view our MENA data, download reports and order fresh investigations. CRiS MENA gives the subscribers the tools to easily access all of our range of freshly investigated credit and due diligence reports, as well as our experienced and qualified in-house analysts.

Largest MENA Database

Cedar Rose has been active in the Middle East and North Africa for over 20 years, compiling data, cleaning, translating and transliterating data from official sources. Our CRiS MENA database holds profiles on over 12 million companies and 23 million individuals – directors, shareholders and authorized signatories or principals. We believe CRiS MENA is the world’s largest corporate database for MENA.

Full Link Analysis

Using over 20 years of human intelligence combined with 5 years of artificial intelligence, the CRiS MENA database links companies to companies, individuals to companies and individuals to individuals. Linking entities to each other enables CRiS MENA users to identify links within and across borders, aiding in customer analysis, due diligence and useful for anti-money-laundering investigations.

Search in Arabic & English

The Middle East and North Africa region covers some of the hardest areas in the world to extract data from. Due to language barriers, a culture of privacy and technological challenges, gathering data from the MENA region has not been easy. In order to enable greater accuracy when identifying companies and people, CRiS MENA allows Arabic and/or Latin character searches.


Sign up now to get up to 72 hours unlimited trial access to our CRiS MENA database – the largest company, director and shareholder database for the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Verify entities in-house to conduct your own KYC, KYB & Credit investigations.
  • Access information on over 12 million MENA companies in one resource.
  • Search the only database of shareholders and directors for the MENA region.
  • Conduct company/proprietor searches in Arabic, Persian and English languages.
  • View corporate data, credit reports, and links between people and companies.



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CRiS MENA Database Annual Subscriptions

Company Credit Report

  • Access credit report information on millions of companies in the Middle East and Africa
  • Conduct KYC checks, knowing the data is from official sources, translated into English
  • Download instant reports with our award-winning CR Score and transparent age of data we hold, or order fresh investigations with a 3-day delivery.
  • Popular for: Credit Managers, Sales People, Entrepreneurs, Financial Analysts, Exporters, Insurance, Trade Finance, Accounts and Debt Collection.

Directorship & Shareholder

  • Highest level of subscription with access to all of our company, director & shareholder data.
  • Link analysis between companies, directors, shareholders and principals to identify UBOs.
  • Includes function to download KYC reports, credit reports, director & shareholder reports and access fresh investigations in 230 countries.
  • Popular for: Compliance Professionals, Due Diligence Researchers, Threat Finance Investigators, Credit Managers, Auditors, NGOs and Journalists.
How can our MENA Data help you?

Mitigate credit and supplier risks


With access to millions of data on companies and individuals, KYC information and credit report information, you will essentially be able to assess risks when doing business with certain entities. Navigate through our data and visually see, with our robust CR Score feature, the level of risk of a certain company. Subscriptions to our database provides the ultimate risk management solution for the Middle East and North Africa.

Extract and integrate with your own data for specific results


Have your own database? Perhaps on different regions? Well, integrating with the world's most comprehensive database for the Middle East and North Africa will provide your company with invaluable data to enhance your own database. MENA data is some of the hardest to collect and standardise. Luckily, we've done it for you, translated and transliterated into standardised formats for ease-of-access. Additionally, we even offer the ability to search in Arabic as well as English. Add value to your own company with the largest MENA database in existence via API or your Salesforce CRM.

Complete search tool for MENA companies and individuals


Cedar Rose can provide data on over 12 million companies and 23 million individuals in the Middle East and North Africa. This is the largest linked database for the MENA region in existence and that is why our database is a complete search tool for MENA companies and individuals. Moreover, our data is continually growing, just a few years ago, our data was nowhere near what it is now, so imagine in a few years from now. We are continuously looking to improve our data quantity and our data quality, a subscription with us is an investment that will grow as our database grows - at no additional charge to you.

Form a valuable marketing list via contact details data


Marketing leads are pivotal in this age of business, reaching a new audience, spreading awareness of your company and your ethos. One way in which you can utilise our continually growing data, is to grow your sales and marketing activities within the MENA marketplace. By filtering through our data you will have access to millions of contact data on directors, shareholders and more, across the Middle East and North Africa. These valuable leads may help your business grow, branch into new markets and further spread your reach to the Middle East and Africa.

Compare and contrast companies and individuals


One of the most unqiue features about CRiS, our Middle East and North Africa database, is that it provides a full link analysis of companies and individuals. You will be able to see what companies are linked to, whether that may be individuals or other companies and, also, links between individuals other individuals. This feature can help you further mitigate risks by seeing connections from one to another. CRiS allows you to compare and contrast millions of data on companies and individuals, this is your ultimate business intelligence tool for risk management and mitigation.

How to access our Middle East and Africa Data?
...Via Online

With a Cedar Rose account, when you purchase a CRiS MENA annual database subscription, you gain password protected access online. Just advise us how many users you need access for and which countries you want to include and we’ll provide a quotation within one working day.

...Via API

If you prefer users not to access our data online, Cedar Rose has the technology to provide annual CRiS MENA database subscriptions via API. See our data in your own system, or allow your customers to search our database via your website with our fully flexible API capabilities.

...Via Salesforce

With our easy to use add-on, access Cedar Rose’s Global data and reports with our Salesforce custom-built application. The easiest way to identify new customers, qualify them, conduct KYC and credit score them – even order due diligence. The perfect tool for seamless customer onboarding.

CRiS MENA Data Fields Available
  • Company Name in English
  • Company Former Names
  • Trading Names and Branches
  • Company Main Address
  • Company Registered Address Details
  • Company Commercial Register Number
  • Company Trade License Number
  • Chamber of Commerce Register Number
  • Company Official Unique Identification Numbers
  • Company Date Started
  • Company Date Registered
  • Company Legal Form
  • Company Registered Capital
  • Company Capital Structure
  • Shareholders Names and Percentages
  • Directors Names
  • Owners / shareholders ID particulars if available
  • Company’s Corporate history
  • Business activities of the company
  • Number of employees
  • Company Registered Activity and UK SIC codes
  • Key management names and posts held
  • Business affiliations
  • Financial information including Sales Turnover
  • Description of premises including any branch details
  • Cedar Rose’s country risk summary report
  • Cedar Rose’s credit opinion
  • Shareholders/ Director’s Nationality
  • Bankruptcies Search Results